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Technical Advancements in Hearing Devices

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. May 16, 2016
Technical Advancements in Hearing Devices - Nardelli Audiology Blog

The latest technological developments in hearing devices have brought new hope for those suffering from hearing impairments. For those experiencing severe hearing impairment it is recommended that they opt for hearing devices that are placed outside the ear. Unfortunately, the placement of such devices subjects them to wind and noise intrusion. Even with smaller hearing devices placed within the ear, distinguishing significant sounds from background noises may pose a problem. If you are currently facing a similar problem with your hearing device, this article will help alleviate your concerns.

Wearing a hearing aid is much like walking around with mini computers attached to your ears. Each second gives rise to a series of calculations that help configure the type of noises that are being input into your hearing aid’s microphone. Once your noise is registered it is then processed after which your hearing aid deciphers the sound and decides whether to discard to keep it and pass it on to you. For example, a sound of an air conditioner is gradually decreased after it is picked up by the hearing aid for extended periods of time, thus making it less noticeable to you. Once the sound has not been heard for a while, the device restores it to its previous level and you may be able to hear the sound once more when it restarts. This advanced technology makes your hearing aid a smarter, constantly adaptive device that adjusts each and every sound to help you undergo an enhanced, pleasant hearing experience.

Yet another technological advancement that aids in reducing sound intrusion is the directional microphone, which functions both from the front and the back and as a result of these multiple directions, your hearing aid is able to collect more information and give you a better sense of the direction in which the sound is originating from and also accounts for the delay between each microphone during sound collection. Your adaptive directional microphone helps your hearing device automatically adjust the volume of each sound you hear so that your hearing experience is high in clarity, uniformity and accuracy.

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