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    Comprehensive Diagnostic Audiological Evaluations

    Determines type and degree of hearing loss (if any) as well as whether medical referral is indicated.
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    Hearing Aid Dispensing and Related Services

    We dispense most major brands of hearing instruments including Phonak, GNReSound and Starkey. Factory and in office repairs on all makes and models of hearing instruments. Batteries for all makes and models. Hearing aid accessories such as Dry & Store. Custom Hearing Protection provided for those who are exposed to industrial and/or recreational noise such as motorcyclists and target shooters.
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    Industrial Hearing Conservation Services

    Testing and related services to ensure compliance with federal OSHA regulations and Noise Standard.
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    Video Otoscopy

    Allows patients to see their ear canals and eardrums on a video monitor. Determines presence of wax or other conditions that might require medical treatment.
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    Real Ear Measurements

    Computerized equipment that measures hearing aid performance in the ear canal. The response is compared to a target response based on your individual hearing loss. The comparison determines what fine tuning adjustments are needed to better match the target.
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    Hearing Aid Analyzer

    Computerized machine that measures the various parameters of a hearing aid such as frequency response, distortion and internal noise. The results are compared to the original factory specifications and will determine whether that aid is performing as it should be.
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    Computers and Software

    For fitting and fine tuning of state-of-the-art advanced technology digital hearing instruments. Allows simulation of various real world environments to better fine tune the hearing instrument performance.
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    Provides a wireless connection between your hearing aids and bluetooth enabled cell phones.
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