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Rectifying Your Hearing Can Inhibit the Onset of Dementia

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. March 15, 2024
Rectifying Your Hearing Can Inhibit the Onset of Dementia - Nardelli Audiology Blog

Recent research suggests that hearing loss can eventually lead to deterioration in cognitive functioning, thereby increasing the likelihood of developing dementia. Untreated hearing problems can lead to increased strain on the brain that can cause atrophy of the brain, social withdrawal, and depression. These factors have been found to be related to the increased chances of developing dementia.

A research study conducted by Dr. Frank Lin explored the link between dementia and hearing loss. His study found that people with hearing loss have a 36% increased likelihood of developing dementia. Although hearing aids are usually the most popular choice of rectifying hearing loss, alternative methods also exist.

Approximately 33% of the cases of dementia can be inhibited with the use of proper social engagement, physical exercise, and proper nutrition to manage body weight. Dementia in and of itself is not a disease but a symptom that is indicative of an underlying disease such as Alzheimer’s. People with dementia experience loss of memory, problems with cognitive processing, reduced problem solving capabilities, and deterioration in language.

Sound is synthesized and deciphered in the brain, which is why it is important to keep our ears functioning properly so that our brain can do its job properly. We can do so by treating hearing loss through the use of hearing aids. Hearing aids can reduce the strain experienced by your brain due to hearing loss, thereby improving cognitive functions and reducing the chances of developing dementia.

If you feel that you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, make sure they get their hearing tested by a hearing care professional so that their hearing loss can be treated appropriately to help prevent the onset of dementia. Hearing loss may seem like a small problem but its repercussions can be dire, and timely treatment can help prevent significant health issues in the future.

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