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Prevalent Concerns Related to Hearing Loss

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. March 15, 2018
Prevalent Concerns Related to Hearing Loss - Nardelli Audiology Blog

A common concern that most people ignore is the presence of tinnitus, which is the constant sensation of ringing or buzzing within the ears. Tinnitus can be a precursor to hearing loss, so make sure you get it checked by a hearing professional during your next hearing test.

Another issue that many people with underlying hearing loss face is difficulty in communication. To those with hearing loss, it feels as though everyone around them is mumbling. If you feel that this is the case for you, then you can take certain measures to help minimize disruption in communication until you get yourself tested by a professional. You can choose quieter environmental settings to have your conversations so that you can hear more clearly. You can place yourself directly in front of the speaker so that you have the added visual stimulus of lip-reading so that you can understand what they are trying to communicate. You can also ask the speaker to repeat what they said or speak in a slightly higher volume while enunciating their words clearly.

People with hearing loss often do not know that they have a hearing problem, which is why they cannot explain why they feel so irritable and exhausted. Hearing loss can cause constant strain to your ears which need to work harder in order to function more effectively. This puts constant pressure on your brain and body, which can lead to exhaustion and frustration. You can choose to productively eliminate your frustration by practicing some relaxation techniques, or engaging in some exercise or recreational activity.

Hearing loss can also contribute to social isolation as people tend to increasingly avoid social gatherings. People who have hearing loss have difficulty following conversations and often feel out of place, which is why they avoid social events. Instead of isolating yourself, share information about your hearing difficulties with your closest family members so that they can help communicate more effectively with you.

Despite advancements in the treatment of hearing loss, many people still find it embarrassing to admit to it. This is why several people deny having hearing impairments even when it is obvious to them and those around them. Timely treatment of hearing loss can help rectify it and prevent further damage, which is why it is important to treat hearing loss the moment you suspect that something might be amiss.

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