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Never Mistake Sound Amplifiers for Hearing Devices

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. December 15, 2021
Never Mistake Sound Amplifiers for Hearing Devices - Nardelli Audiology Blog

Hearing loss is the third most common health condition in America. This makes some of those in the hearing loss industry prone to exploiting innocent customers by providing unreliable methods that claim to be treatment options but are in reality, nothing of the sort.

Hearing aids are commonly known and trusted methods of treating hearing loss. The effectiveness of hearing aids in treating hearing loss has been confirmed by numerous studies. However, in recent years, several drug stores have provided sound amplifiers as a viable alternative to hearing aids. These devices appear to be the more economic option since they are not as costly as hearing aids, and provide false promises to those with hearing loss by claiming to be a safe alternative to restore your hearing without using hearing aids. Nothing can be further from the truth.

In reality, sound amplifiers make unsubstantiated claims that have no basis in the medical community. They are NOT supported by any scientific studies and research journals as being valid alternative treatment methods for hearing loss.

Due to the lack of medical substantiation, the Food and Drug Administration has made it mandatory for those who sell sound amplifiers to convey to customers that they do not improve hearing loss. Even so, sound amplifiers come in packaging that is very vague and does not contain any such information. In fact, they even boastfully claim to improve the sound clarity of your surroundings.

Like many that do not want their customers to know the facts, sound amplifiers often contain declarations in fine print stating that they are not meant to be utilized as a method for treating hearing loss. Unfortunately, more often than not, customers do not read this fine print since they are so attracted by the larger print claims that show off their effectiveness.

Who doesn’t like to save a few dollars? If it was a choice between expensive treatment methods and cheap ones, we would obviously more inclined to buy the cheaper alternative if they claim to have the same effects. Hearing aids can put you back a few thousand dollars, whereas sound amplifiers are easily available at a mere price of $30. The difference is that while a vast number of research articles conducted at numerous prestigious medical colleges supports the efficacy of hearing aids, there is no reliable empirical data that supports the efficacy of sound amplifiers.

The problem with online deals is that they are so readily available and it is so easy to miss out on crucial points such as efficacy. We become our own doctors and take our hearing health into our own hands when we mistakenly take unreliable methods such as sound amplifiers as a viable treatment method for hearing loss. In fact, it is this very point that the makers of these amplifiers depend on: putting consumers at risk.

At the end of the day, makers of sound amplifiers want to sell their products, and they are willing to go to any lengths to do it. Be it exaggerating their claims with no scientific backing, or lowering the prices to attract unsuspecting customers, they use marketing gimmicks to lure customers away from genuinely effective treatment methods such as hearing aids.

The problem with online deals is that there is no accountability. There is not one company, maker, or brand that you can hold accountable for malfunction or breakdown of your sound amplifier. However, with hearing aids you can easily make use of their after-sales servicing for repair and maintenance, follow up sessions, and warranties in case of malfunction.

Put succinctly, sound amplifiers simply are not effective as a mode of treatment for hearing loss. They can never and should never replace hearing aids as a viable treatment method. In reality, sound amplifiers may actually cause even more damage to your hearing since they masquerade as a treatment for hearing loss. This leads to even more delay in seeking actual treatment methods, thereby continuing to put your hearing at risk for further damage through unreliable means.

Be true to yourself and give yourself the treatment you deserve. Spending a few thousand dollars now by investing in a pair of hearing aids can help save you from losing your hearing to counterfeit “treatment” options like sound amplifiers. Nothing is greater than the ability to hear; it is a priceless ability, and you need not cut corners when it comes to your hearing health.

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