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Hearing Loss Increases Your Chances of Ending up in Hospital

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. November 16, 2020
Hearing Loss Increases Your Chances of Ending up in Hospital - Nardelli Audiology Blog

Hearing loss can be a very challenging experience, where even simple tasks of the day may become daunting and frustrating. Having a hearing problem takes a significant toll on your personal and professional life. Your health may also suffer due to hearing loss since you grow more prone to being injured.

Not only does our hearing help us hear better, it also helps us maintain our sense of balance. The tiny portion within your inner ear contains a small amount of fluid that helps regulate your equilibrium. Hearing loss can disrupt this liquid, causing you to lose your balance and sustain a fall. Accidents occur more frequently for those with hearing loss due to this loss of balance, along with the fact that they cannot hear warning signs that indicate a threat approaching.

If you have hearing loss, it would be difficult for you to detect threats in your immediate environment, such as the creeping entry of a burglar, or a fire alarm. In times of emergency, this inability to hear can put you and your loved ones at risk of being harmed.

People with hearing loss have a greater likelihood of being hospitalized due to injuries sustained as a result of their hearing loss. This includes accidents that occur due to the inability to hear oncoming threats.

Even when you are admitted into the hospital, your hearing loss may prevent you from having a smooth recovery process. If you are unable to hear what is required for you in order to recover, or if you are unable to effectively communicate what your physical discomforts are, your hospital experience may become a frustrating one.

Everyone in the hospital always seems to be in a hurry, be it the doctors or the nurses. Your doctor may spare only a few minutes and shoot a volley of directions your way regarding your health status, but if you are unable to hear these vital bits of information, you may miss out on ways to recover. Even your nurses may be unable to help you if you are unable to explain to them what discomfort you are facing.

You may end up miscommunicating your problems with your doctors and nurses if you cannot hear the questions they are asking you. Even simple tasks such as taking your medications may become a challenge if you are unsure as to how often to take them since you were unable to hear the instructions.

A study conducted at the New York University recently found that patients with hearing loss had a 32% increased likelihood of being readmitted into a hospital only within one month of their discharge. This study examined 4,400 older adults who were hospitalized and also had hearing loss. Their inability to hear not only resulted in subsequent hospitalizations, it also ended up in them receiving poorer medical care and higher hospital bills.

With so many adverse effects of hearing loss, it is important not to ignore it. At least 1 out of every 3 people aged 65 and above have hearing loss. This increases to 1 out of every 2 people by the time they reach the age of 75.

Hearing aids can help you regain your sense of hearing so that you can effectively communicate your needs and be able to hear oncoming threats. This can help keep you and your loved ones safe from danger, while saving you a significant amount of money in avoidable hospitalizations.

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