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Hearing Damage Can Result from Noise Pollution

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. October 17, 2022
Hearing Damage Can Result from Noise Pollution - Nardelli Audiology Blog

When we think of pollution, we think of choked up beaches, littered streets and polluted lakes. Rarely do we think of our world of sound as a source of pollution. The truth is that noise pollution is an unseen culprit that can cause the third most prevalent health condition in America: hearing loss.

The World Health Organization has recently listed noise pollution as a major threat to our well-being. The reasons behind this are many, ranging from the obvious such as hearing loss, to more obscure ones such as fatigue, stress, and sleep deprivation. Noise pollution has even been related to cardiovascular difficulties, which is why it is best not to take it lightly.

You may wonder how we can escape noise pollution since let’s face it, we all live in a noisy world! You can start by learning more about the detrimental effects of noise pollution and the subsequent steps you can take to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

Generally speaking, any sound level that exceeds 85 decibels is considered unsafe. Thanks to modern technology, you can simply whip out your smart phone or iPhone to download an application that will help you monitor the decibel level at any given moment. Certain heavy duty equipments can be bigger threats to hearing, such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, and even hair dryers!

Always wear hearing protection whenever you decide to expose yourself to loud levels of sound, be it at concerts or sporting events. Carry a pair of earplugs with you each time you decide to go out to a noisy environment and wear them regularly to prevent any hearing damage.

Even though you may feel as though there is simply no escape from the crazy sounds of life, you can still escape to quiet, relaxing getaways just to give your ears a break and rejuvenate yourself. You do not need to book that trip to the Maldives just yet though. You can find a quick getaway at your local library or even your neighborhood café where hardly anyone seems to go in.

When you listen to music, make sure you do so at safe volumes, never exceeding 60% of the maximum volume and for no longer than one hour at a time. This general guideline can help safeguard your ears and protect your hearing. Hearing loss is irreversible, but thankfully, it is often preventable. Take your hearing into your own hands today and reap the benefits for all your years to come.

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