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Hearing and Folklore

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. October 16, 2017
Hearing and Folklore - Nardelli Audiology Blog

The problem with the world of hearing is that it is surrounded by several myths that are not only false; they can also damage your hearing. The first on this list of untrue myths is the notion that using cotton swabs is an effective way to clean your ears. This belief is not only untrue; it can actually damage your ears.

Cotton swabs actually do more harm when used to “clean” the ears since they push earwax further into your ear canal. This can not only block your hearing and irritate your ears, it can also damage the sensitive cells within your ears. The worst kind of damage that can occur with the use of cotton swabs is a perforated eardrum, whereby you can accidentally puncture your eardrum with the cotton swab if you push it far enough into your ear.

The fact is that your ears are miraculous organs that clean themselves! Earwax serves a purpose since they block dirt and irritants from entering your ear; after their purpose is served, earwax slowly exits your ear and falls off automatically. Cleaning your ears has never been easier since you actually have to do nothing to clean them!

A common but mistaken belief about hearing aids is that they can restore normal hearing. Unfortunately, hearing loss is irreversible and not even hearing aids can give you the listening experience that you used to get with your normal sense of hearing. The sounds you perceive with hearing aids are artificially amplified, thus you will hear sounds differently than your natural hearing. In fact, thanks to hearing aids you might realize that you hear more sounds and have improved clarity than you were able to hear using your natural sense of hearing, thanks to their amplification capacity.

The third most commonly mistaken belief is that people do not need hearing aids to rectify their hearing loss. Unfortunately, people who cling to this belief are in denial about the extent of their hearing problem. By avoiding timely treatment, their hearing loss may become exacerbated and their standard of living might decline.

Hearing loss affects not only one’s sense of hearing but also disrupts relationships and adversely affects physiological and psychological health. This is why it is important to get your hearing evaluated periodically and rectify hearing loss with hearing aids. Hearing devices help you remain an active participant in society and enable you to maintain a healthy social and work life. Getting your hearing tested is a quick and painless process and can save you a lifetime of social isolation, depression, and even dementia. Do not delay treatment for hearing loss. If you feel that you or your loved one may benefit from the use of hearing aids, get your hearing evaluated by a hearing care professional today.

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