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Getting The Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

By Melissa Carnes Rose, Au.D. January 15, 2021
Getting The Most Out of Your Hearing Aids - Nardelli Audiology Blog

When hearing loss patients consider buying hearing aids, the biggest deterrent can be the price. Hearing devices can be a bit costly, but think about them as an investment to a lifetime of enhanced hearing, and regaining a basic human sensory experience truly is priceless in many ways. Obtaining hearing instruments can enhance your life in the following ways to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit of using hearing aids.

Based on a study by Better Hearing Institute (BHI), wearing hearing instruments can help drastically reduce your risk of income loss in your workplace between 90%-100% in case of mild levels of hearing impairment. In case of medium or extreme levels of hearing loss, wearing hearing aids can reduce the risk of income loss by 65%-77%. People suffering from hearing loss who do not invest in hearing aids were found to have an income loss of approximately $30,000 in a year. So in many ways, by investing in hearing aids you would be financially securing yourself in the workplace and maximizing your income opportunity to the best of your ability.

Wearing hearing aids can also help enhance your cognitive level of functioning. Research suggests that hearing loss can lead to cognitive disruptions that can cause dementia, while wearing hearing instruments can prevent these deteriorations from taking place.

A study by Johns Hopkins found that people aged between the years of 40 to 69 tend to have an increased likelihood of sustaining a fall as a result of untreated hearing loss. Wearing hearing aids can help you maintain sufficient balance and prevent injuries from falling.

Suffering from hearing loss can be a frustrating experience that can lead to stress, negative thoughts, depression and low self-esteem. Another study by BHI shows that using hearing aids can help you have an improved self-esteem and have a more positive approach towards life.

Hearing aids are versatile and can be used to treat a variety of hearing problems, such as tinnitus. Wearing hearing instruments can help relieve the ringing sensation in your ears and help you regain a stress-free hearing experience.

Another study by BHI shows that wearing hearing instruments can enhance your relationships at home and in the workplace. Having an enhanced sense of hearing makes you a more active participant in social gatherings, meetings at work, and family festivities. It can also help improve your communication abilities with your loved one and enhance your romantic life significantly.

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