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ReSound ENZO 3D

Hear every day with clarity

Best available sound quality

Imagine having a conversation at a crowded restaurant or walking down a busy street while being able to pick up more words and sounds with more clarity than ever before. With ReSound Smart Hearing™, this is a reality.

Smart hearing aids do this by combining the best available sound quality with new opportunities to connect and interact with the world around you. By adjusting to your environment, they optimize the sounds you want to hear.

With the new ReSound ENZO 3D™ hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss, you will always be aware of all the sounds around you – no matter what direction the sounds are coming from.

Works like wireless headphones

With Made for iPhone® technology, you can stream phone calls, music and more from your iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch® directly to your hearing aids – just like wireless stereo headphones. And if you have an Android or any Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can still stream calls, music and more with a discreet ReSound Phone Clip+.

Get even more out of your day with wireless accessories

Streaming sound from a range of ReSound wireless accessories lets you get even more out of your hearing experience. You can watch TV at your own volume while people around you enjoy it at their volume and hear speech more clearly in noisy environments and at a distance.

Personalize your hearing experience

The ReSound Smart 3D app lets you control your ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids right from your phone. From the windy football field to a bustling restaurant – no matter where your day takes you, you can always be in control of how you experience the sounds around you.

Rely on it all day long

All day, every day – you can be sure that your ReSound ENZO 3D hearing aids will keep up with your lifestyle. As the smallest hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss, ReSound ENZO 3D is discreet and gives you 12 days of battery life, even while streaming calls and music for up to four hours per day.

Every component of ReSound ENZO 3D, inside and out, is fully coated with iSolate nanotech to stay sealed and protected against dirt, moisture, dust or earwax. So you can step out into the rain or onto the field with total confidence.

Styles and Colors

Available in 2 styles: High Power BTE 88 (13) with metal hook & Super Power BTE 98 (675) and 13 different colors.

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  • Hear more speech in noise
  • Works like wireless headphones
  • Sound Enhancer
  • Geo-tag favorite locations
  • Find my hearing aids
  • Super clear sound

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