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Phonak Belong

Direct connectivity Made For All

Phonak Belong hearing aids provide more hearing performance in situations where you need it the most. Compared to prior technology, they offer a 37% reduction in effort when listening to conversations in the car. If you’re a music lover, Phonak Belong is also a top-rated hearing aid for music sound quality. Available in a rechargeable option.

  • SWORD™: New proprietary 2.4 GHz radio chip
    - Direct connectivity to any cell phone
    - Hearing aid used as a wireless headset for hands-free calls
    - Excellent TV sound quality with hearing aids turned into wireless TV headphones
  • Groundbreaking rechargeable technology
    - 24 hours** of hearing with one simple charge
    - The quickest charging rechargeable hearing aids ever
    - Easy handling, no more hassles of disposable batteries
  • New Biometric Calibration for custom hearing aids
    - Precisely calibrated to clients’ individual ear anatomy for better hearing performance
    - 2 dB improvement in directionality 3
  • High-tech titanium custom hearing aids
    - The smallest Phonak custom hearing aids ever4
    - Made from medical grade titanium
    - Sophisticated 3D printing technology
    - 64% increased IIC fit rate 4
  • New AutoSense OS™ for the Belong platform
    - Unmatched hearing performance in everyday listening situations5
    - Fully automatic operation that delivers better speech understanding over clients’ manual selection
    - Better hearing performance and more comfort for asymmetrical hearing losses⁸

Products with Phonak Belong technology

  • Phonak Audéo B

    Innovative Receiver-in-Canal portfolio that adapts to every sound automatically, developed to simplify your life.

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  • Phonak Bolero B

    Phonak Bolero B-PR features a specifically designed built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge.

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  • Phonak Virto B

    Phonak Virto B is the world’s first hearing aid to feature Biometric Calibration technology, engineered to provide you access to better hearing performance, customized specifically for you.

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  • Phonak Virto B-Titanium

    Virto B-Titanium is the smallest Phonak in-the-ear hearing aid ever! It’s so discreet that nobody will see how well you hear.

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  • Phonak CROS B

    If you’re in a noisy room and can’t hear your spouse, friends or colleagues because they’re not positioned on the side of your better hearing ear, or you are on the phone and unaware of your environment – then Phonak CROS B is the smart solution for you.

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