Recreational Products

Certain activities you enjoy can cause long-term damage and hearing loss down the road due to high decibel levels. Your hearing is important make sure you take care of it! We offer hearing protection products which are specifically designed to protect your ears from preventable hearing loss.

Musician Hearing Protection - Nardelli Audiology

Musician Hearing Protection

Designed for musicians exposed to high levels of noise and noisy environments.

Hunter’s Ear - Nardelli Audiology

Hunter’s Ear

Provides hearing protection for hunting and shooting.

Swimmer Ear - Nardelli Audiology

Swimmer Ear

Reducing swimmer’s ear for adults and children.

Custom Hearing Protection - Nardelli Audiology

Custom Hearing Protection

Helps conserve your hearing and prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Custom Sleep Plugs

Help you sleep peacefully by silencing your environment, can be used at home or on the go.

Do not let daily activities whether at work or for fun jeopardize your hearing health. Hearing protection is an efficient way of protecting your hearing and those of your loved ones.

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