Meet The Dash PRO by Bragi

True Wireless Intelligent Earphones

The all new Dash Pro redefines the breakthrough experience of The Dash from the core, providing you with a one touch effortless Bluetooth pairing process to your iOS or Android device, superior Bluetooth connection and groundbreaking audio in HD.

The Dash Pro relies on a sophisticated AI-Technology that brings out the best in Bragi's latest release of the Bragi OS 3.0: from controlling your Dash Pro via head gestures, to the innovative iTranslate for seamless communication in 40+ languages.

The Dash Pro now automatically detects and monitors your activity performance, whether running, cycling or swimming.

Track your activity

Auto Tracking enables the tailored Dash Pro to recognize your activity. The tailored Dash Pro can identify if you are walking, running, cycling or swimming. This reduces interface complexity and allows a situation based UI. The sensors of the tailored Dash Pro give you the chance to track different aspects of your workout in order to improve over time.

Bragi Dash Pro - Nardelli Audiology